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Budget Host Offer Filtered and Reviewed

There are thousands of cheap web hosting package offers around the web. Alternatives are numerous. The choice is really crucial nowadays. Itís really hard to find a budget host where real services quality is as great as promised in ads. For you to know what exactly what to expect for from cheap web host providers, we design hosting providers reviews and ratings.

Learn more about cheap web hosting package characteristics you need to pay attention to when making your choice. Price is the main attraction of every cheap ghosting package. The lower, the better. But in fact price doesnít matter, when you are making your choice between several cheap hosting package providers. The difference in prices could be just for several dollars, but cheap web hosting package features can differ significantly. Strange as it may seem, price doesnít matter in cheap web hosting package choice.

Things you really need to focuse your attention on are cheap web hosting features like :

  • storage space
  • data transfer
  • operating system and type of server
  • uptime percentage
  • customers support
  • POP3 accounts number
  • etc.

    These are essentials of every cheap hosting package. There are a lot of other characteristics that may be important to you in cheap web hosting package like number and type of databases, ftp accounts provided, enabling some special features.

    The most affordable ever cheap hosting package is the FREE one. But donít be under a delusion. Truly speaking, the quality of free hosting is as high as itís price. In fact, you get what you pay for. Extremely high percentage of drawbacks, ads uncontrolled content, trifling disk space and bandwidth, customer support at zero level.

    We really believe itsí better to add some dollars to your hosting budget and pay for really effective but still cheap web host. Pay only $4-10/mo (annual prepayment is usually demanded) and get access to really effective essential-featured budget web host services. You may assume that small price of cheap hosting package warns about its poor quality. Thatís wrong. Low price of cheap hosting package is provided because of economy of scale effect. More domains are hosted on server, the lower the price for that cheap web hosting package. That is what is called shared hosting.

    Disk space is the first characteristic we mentioned for cheap web hosting package you need to pay attention to. You may complain that disk space budget host provides you with is too small. But donít bother, simply count. As a rule standard web page is not for more than 40-50 Kbytes (80 Kbytes for heavy graphical pages). You can host about 20 pages for just 1Mb. Storage space provided by cheap web host services is enough to place your pages online.

    Traffic provided (bandwidth) is another important characteristic of every cheap web hosting package. Unless your web pages are not heavily graphical and number of visitors is about several thousands, 2gigs of data transfer per month cheap web host providers usually offer is more than enough.

    What concerns platform used for cheap web host, there 2 alternatives here: Windows and Linux. When buying cheap web hosting package you cannot change its feature that is about platform and type of server used. Budget host provider dictates it.

    Budget host characteristic that is simply necessary to be noted is uptime level. Even if other characteristics of cheap hosting package are perfect, they donít matter if uptime level is low. Uptime shows a percentage of time when your site is available online. Reliability should not depend on price.

    Number and type of email accounts that cheap hosting package includes is one more important point you need to pay attention to. How many domain based email accounts are provided by that budget host are they provided at all? Or you still will have to use free mailing system account?

    Customersí feedback is one more essential for you to make your choice. Only real customersí positive recommendations matter, not ad promises!

    Cheap host market is enormous. Every budget host competes hard with others to come forth of its competitors and for you to pick it out. Ad promises are so attractive, itís easy to get lost. TopHostingRatings.com designs budget host reviews and ratings to facilitate your choices. Real customersí positive feedback is our major requirement when we filter hundreds of cheap web host offers. Check out our budget host reviews and pick one service to be your host.

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