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Shared web site hosting? Perhaps, dedicated? Or VPS? What way of web hosting is better to choose? In fact it depends on your web hosting requirements. If you are planning easy and cheap start for your personal web pages or small business site and you don't need extremely high performance, there is nothing better for you than shared web hosting.

Shared web hosting is the hosting method when server's resources are divided between certain number of websites. This number usually goes up to several hundreds. All the sites located on a shared hosting server may have the same IP-address if they don't want to own the dedicated one but they have different domains. Depending on the shared hosting plan you can obtain certain server storage space and bandwidth transfer.

The main pros for choosing shared web hosting:

  • Shared web site hosting is a low-cost service. Due to the great number of domains hosted on each server you can obtain a shared hosting plan for a very attractive price. Extremely high competition between web hosting providers results in a big storage space and high bandwidth proposals. Due to such a competition between shared web hosting providers, you can find even a $1/month (!) shared hosting plan
  • Server maintenance is included. As a rule server maintenance costs are calculated in a shared web hosting plan. So there is no need for you to worry about site's uptimes and server's maintenance.
  • Customization is allowed. Updating the site, adding and removing pages, checking statistics is not a problem for a webmaster of a shared hosting supported site. As a rule standard shared web hosting plan allows you to create domain name based e-mail accounts.
But no matter how low the shared hosting plan price is and how well featured shared web site hosting is, still the most crucial criteria for choosing the shared hosting service is its reliability. One of the first questions you should clear up is “Can this web hosting company really provide a high uptime level for my site?”.

Other questions are: “Can this service provide me a domain based e-mail account?”, “And what about spam filters and protection of my site?”, “Is that huge storage space and bandwidth promised actually given?” etc.

Those questions are not so easy to answer. That's why in fact our reviewer exists. It's specially created for you to clear up easily all the aspects of choosing reliable shared web site hosting and to provide you with the latest information and ratings of the most top-notch shared web site hosting services and plans.

Our reviewer rates web hosting services basing on their actual (not promised) characteristics. For you being able to choose the most appropriate shared hosting plan we evaluate different hosts' services, comparing their prices, storage spaces, bandwidth and other options offered in their shared web hosting plans. We also consider host's reliability and percentage of uptimes and downtimes. To make this (our) shared web hosting reviewer the most unbiased one, actual customers' feedback is also analyzed. And that's how we can predict what shared hosting plan will really meet all your expectations.

We know you have a lot of questions on choosing a shared web hosting service - we answer them! And you have a lot of your own ranking criteria – we try to take them all into consideration.

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