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Managed hosting is the most sophisticated hosting solution ever. In fact Managed web site hosting solution is packed in dedicated hosting plans. Managed web hosting means that with your dedicated hosting plan youíll get full maintenance of your personal pages on the web Major characteristics :

  • reliable
  • flexible
  • rich-featured
  • expensive

  • Managed web site hosting solution is the most reliable hosting offer. Dedicated hosting means that you buy a server, but managed also means that provider will not simply sell you entire server, but will mange your sites hosted on it. And the whole server is yours!! No need to bother about server failures because of the neighboring sites overloads. Itís extremely reliable.

    When you have your own server and your sites are hosted with managed hosting plan, you are the dictator! You can choose what operating system and software is to be on your server. ThereĎs no more flexible solution than managed web hosting.

    Managed hosting provider package usually include all the hosting features you may want to obtain. Huge disk space, enormous data transfer, several IPs, as many POP3 accounts as you wish and other features are what managed web hosting packages include.

    Managed web hosting solution price usually starts from $150/mo. Itís really expensive in comparison with shared or VPS hosting. But there canít be comparisons, because features managed hosting provider includes in a package are numerous, useful and sophisticated. They are worth it. Plus managed hosting is usually for big companiesí sites with huge databases and superior reliability requirements. So the fee is affordable.

    There are hundreds of managed web site hosting solution offers out there. And the price is services is high. So the choice is really crucial.

    TopHostingRatings.com is the universal hosting guide. We aim to facilitate your managed hosting provider choice. Managed hosting provider reviews and ratings are our products available for FREE. We filter those numerous managed hosting provider offers and select only the most reliable so that you could choose among the best ones. Check out reviews and ratings weíve made and choose a managed hosting provider to meet all your requirements and budget.

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