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You requirements for web hosting service are the following?:
  • no need in high performance
  • your budget is cut
  • basic features are required

  • If, yes, read this. Because shared hosting services are definitely for you.

    Shared website hosting means that server resources are divided between numerous domains. Their number is usually up to several hundreds. Usually all of the clients share the same I, if they donít want to have dedicated one. But domains are different. Shared web hosting services clients share all the resources of the server: disk space, traffic, ftp and email accounts etc. Every shared hosting provider offer different amounts and types of that features.

    . Advantages of shared website hosting are :

  • shared hosting services are low cost.

  • Attractive prices of shared web hosting services are the result if economy of scale effect. The more domains are hosted, the lower price is. Plus competition is high in shared website hosting market. Shared hosting services compete hard to come forth of others. Shared website hosting offers are getting more and more sophisticated. More disk space, more bandwidth, more POP3 accounts. Incredible and unbelievably low prices can be found. (from $1!)

  • server maintenance is included

  • ThereĎs no need for you to worry about server uptimes and maintenance. Payment for such a support is included in all shared web hosting services.

  • customization

  • Your site management is allowed if you use shared web hosting services. Managing your pages (adding and removing), updating sites content, and statistics checking are allowed. Plus you can use you@yourdomain email accounts. ThatĎs what every shared hosting provider offers

    When choosing shared web hosting services, keep in mind that price is not the major criteria for choosing. Reliability. Thatís what matters more. No matter how great are the features of shared web hosting services, they are for nothing, if downtimes make your site unavailable. Also you need to clear up if spam and viruses protection provided by shared hosting services. Maybe itís more reasonable to pay over some dollars to get more reliability and protection from all those awful things that can attack your web pages and make them fail.

    It takes too much to clear all those things about shared web hosting services by yourself. For you not to waste your time and obtain info about shared hosting provider fast and easy, TopHostingRatings.com designs shared hosting services reviews and ratings. You can easily clear up all the requirements for choosing reliable shared web hosting providers. We provide you with top-notch shared website hosting plans reviews, analysis and comparisons.

    Our stuff selects carefully only best shared hosting offers. We take into consideration only real services quality and real customers feedbacks when rating those shared hosting services, not ad promises. You can easily compare different shared hosting services offers for you to be able to choose shared hosting provider that will meet all your requirements and budget. We also consider hostís reliability and percentage of uptimes and downtimes. It will be easier for you to learn what to expect for from your shared hosting provider and what will you pay your money for.

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