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Web hosting service is a type of internet services that is for providing individuals and organizations with virtual space for storing the information, images, video, music and any other content. Web hosting services are provided by web hosts, companies that provide users with web space and other features.

Hosting services are numerous and diverse these days. If you decided to launch your site, web hosting services would be the first thing on your mind. Hosting services are hard to choose. Competition is high between hosts nowadays. Their web hosting services ad offers seem to be so attractive and appealing. Itsí easy to blunder and get disappointed afterwards, because a lot of those hosting services offers are almost fake. They just promise huge dist space , traffic, unlimited email and ftp accounts, huge space for databases and high uptime level. in reality they will let you down and will do their best not to return you your money.

So, the choice is crucial. Thatís where TopHostingRatings.com comes into the action. We design our web hosting services reviews and ratings to give as much info about different hosting services as itís possible. Filtering those numerous web hosting services offers takes time, but we do that for you to avoid disappointments.

Choice of one or another web hosting service depends on what you need. Hosting services are usually classified be several requirements. They are number of domains hosted, type of operating system and specific requirements. Number of domains criteria divides web hosting services on shared, vps and dedicated hosting. Platform types are UNIX and Windows. Web hosting service can be also very specific to provide your site with what it needs (small business, ecommerce, Java hosting etc.) all of those web hosting services are described in our articles. so that you can clear up anything you want about web hosting service you are interested in.

Hosting service choice is much easier to make at TopHostingRatings.com. Do you know what is our reviews and ratings plus? We donít care about ad promises when making those hosting services reviews and ratings. They promise, but will they keep their promises? This is what we want to clear up. Thatís why past and actual customers feedback and specialists opinion are taken into consideration.

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Unix Hosting
Best offer: StartLogic

Windows Hosting
Best offer: iPower

Shared Hosting
Best offer: Bluehost

VPS Hosting
Best offer:iPower

Dedicated Hosting
Best offer:

Reseller Hosting
Best offer:

Small Business Hosting
Best offer:

E-Commerce Hosting
Best offer:

Cheap Web Hosting
Best offer:

Java Hosting
Best offer:

ColdFusion Hosting
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Frontpage Hosting
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