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Web host is the company that offers services of placing your files online. Web site hosts provide space on their servers for use of their clients place. What web hosts usually offer is placing and supporting your pages online. In fact Internet is got hosting any type of files you want: texts, video, music and any content accessible via Internet. Web site hosts also provide their clients with internet connectivity, support of specific functions.

Web hosts offer these days diverse and numerous services. Web site hosts services are specified and divided by several requirements. They are:

  • number of domains hosted: shared/vps/dedicated hosting
  • type of operating system: UNIX (Linux ) / Windows
  • specific functions: business, ecommerce, personal, Java, ColdFusion hosting etc.

  • More detailed description all those hosting services and other web host info youíll find here, at TopHsotingRatings.com.

    Internet users and domains number is growing rapidly. And web hosts number too. Web hosts competition is high these days. Due to that offers are becoming amore and more sophisticated. And the prices are lowering all the time. So the possibilities for finding cheap web host service is rather high.

    . But the hidden danger is that itís hard to find reliable and really comfortable web site hosts among those numerous offers. Thatís what for TopHostingRatings.com exists. We offer for your consideration web host info about providers and their services. We filter those numerous web host offers for you to have possibility to find the reliable web host youíll feel comfortable with.

    Please note that when selecting web hosts for reviewing we take into consideration only real quality of web site hosts. Web host info we offers is based ion real customers and specialists opinion/ We donít care about we hosts ad promises. Ads are for nothing.

    We donít claim to be the best ever web host reviewer. All we do is making easy Ėto-read unbiased web host reviews and ratings. Check them out to find some advices and make your choices.

    Hosting Directory:

    Unix Hosting
    Best offer: StartLogic

    Windows Hosting
    Best offer: iPower

    Shared Hosting
    Best offer: Bluehost

    VPS Hosting
    Best offer:iPower

    Dedicated Hosting
    Best offer:

    Reseller Hosting
    Best offer:

    Small Business Hosting
    Best offer:

    E-Commerce Hosting
    Best offer:

    Cheap Web Hosting
    Best offer:

    Java Hosting
    Best offer:

    ColdFusion Hosting
    Best offer:

    Frontpage Hosting
    Best offer:
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